AdDent: Rite-Lite-2

January 15, 2018


Wonder why, when you’re doing direct anterior composites, the appearance sometimes looks a little “off” even though you took care to choose the most appropriate shade? Often it’s related to the color value being off rather than the hue or chroma which are much easier to select. Color value is related to the grey-white scale and its frequently a challenge with anterior restorations, both direct and indirect. One tool that I find helpful is the Rite-Lite-2 by Addent. Marketed more for shade taking with indirect restorations, the Rite-Lite-2 can be used for any type of restorations. It allows three shade taking modes: Color-corrected light at 5500 Kelvin, incandescent at room light at 3200 Kelvin and ambient light at 3900 Kelvin. This is a great tool for any shade taking and allows you to calibrate for a variety of lighting condition with direct and indirect restorations.




  • Eliminates color distraction in the oral cavity

  • Easy to use

  • Saves money - pays for itself with the price of one remake

  • L.E.D. light source reduces glaze and reflective highlights

  • Simulates three lighting conditions from one source (daylight, incandesent and ambient light)

  • Hand-held and battery operated

Click here for more information on AdDent's Rite-Lite-2.


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