DryShield Whisper Hose

September 10, 2018

PRODUCT UPDATE: When I first reviewed the DryShield system in April 2018, I highlighted many of its qualities, such as its ability to allow for better saliva control, blood splatter, and retraction of the tongue and cheek. But sometimes, when you are so excited about the great qualities, you overlook the minor quirks.


After two months of using the product, the office radio went down, and I noticed the isolation system seemed noisier. My assistant noticed it also. After consulting with a few colleagues, we all came to the conclusion this was an issue, though minor at best. Most didn’t care, as it was not hindering their treatment.


After speaking with DryShield, they too realized that their product could be improved. It was refreshing to see a company that listens to their customer base, make improvements, and respond to their needs as fast as DryShield. In less than three months, they had the noise problem resolved. The Whisper Hose shows a marked improvement over their original hose.


So if noise is the issue, you now have the solution. Check out their website for other products and improvements to past products.


Please click here for more information on DryShield Whisper Hose.


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Original Review: Most dentists are familiar with isolation when it comes to endodontics, but even in our bread-and-butter procedures, isolation is challenging and can slow down the whole day. The DryShield isolation system allows for better saliva control, blood splatter and retraction of the tongue and cheek. Other systems offer illumination, but I noticed that with the availability of modern overhead lights and fiber-optic hand pieces, this really isn’t necessary. This system is so easy to use that everyone in the office will wonder how they survived without it. In addition to its ease of use, it is fully autoclavable, setting it apart from other systems on the market. DryShield claims that it reduces produce time by 20% to 30%. I think this is an understatement.


Please click here for more information on DryShield.


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