Smiles at Sea

October 8, 2018



Our practice has tried daily bonuses, monthly bonuses, lunches, gifts, and CE. Recently, we tried a Smiles at Sea cruise as a bonus reward. It was amazing!


This cruise concept is fairly new, created by a hygienist and motivational speaker, Elijah Desmond. The cruise has unique positives that may break the mold of the traditional dental CE event. The team building and relationships formed on a venue where the whole team cannot leave is a great idea.


For example: Many times, we invested in a trip for the team, only to lose them to local shopping, bars, and restaurants. With Smiles at Sea, our team went to class together, ate together, and networked by the pool and in entertainment venues the entire trip.


Also, the doctor has a fixed price to budget as an expense. This allowed me to put the trip as a production incentive, and it worked! We were so motivated to go to the cruise; it created a friendly environment for the team to work together to achieve the goal.


The speaker quality was well-rounded in content and delivery. Elijah offers more than 70 speakers on each cruise, so there is a variety of information to take back to your practice. We learned about new patient case presentation, office administrator skills, and periodontal disease, as well as marketing.


The first Smiles at Sea cruise was in 2016, with 289 registered attendees. It has grown to 450 when we attended in September 2018.


Visit their website to view upcoming cruises, plan a cruise in partnership with an organization, or design a custom team-building event of your choice.



Click here for more information on Smiles at Sea

Everybody is doing it! Check out the “duct tape” of dentistry.  Read next review >>>

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