Chicago Midwinter Meeting

January 18, 2019


I go to a lot of meetings every year and notice some have seen smaller turnouts year after year, but I honestly say I don’t notice that at the Chicago Midwinter meeting. Maybe it’s the visit to the great Windy City, or it’s too cold to do anything but stay in the conference center, but the meeting has usually been bustling and packed the last few years I’ve gone.


Besides getting a chance to take some great classes, the Chicago Midwinter meeting is known for the domestic release of the latest in dental products for the year to come. We will be highlighting these products in the next few editions of this newsletter.


Pro tip: Go and visit all the traditional manufacturers and supply companies from which you buy dental products. But, be sure to visit the first-time exhibitors at Chicago Midwinter, I find the most exciting products frequently come from them. You can find these by:


1.  Downloading the CDS app. Under the exhibitor section, look for NEW products and show specials.

2.  In the manual, first-time exhibitors are highlighted.

3.  At the show, each first-time booth has an eye-level flag to signify its new participation.


When you've had your fill of classes and touring the very large exhibit hall, it’s time for some fun! There are plenty of great restaurants and nightlife to visit in the city. A hidden gem outside the usual go-to standards is the Blackbird Restaurant, which offers great food in a cozy atmosphere. Try the tasting menu if you get a chance. It exceeded my expectations.


Lastly, if you see a product at Chicago Midwinter you really like, let us know so we can review it for the greater good!


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It’s safe to say that the Woodpecker Woodpex III Apex Locator finally has the color to match its place in the dental market: gold. Read next review >>>

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