Composite Warmer

January 18, 2019


Don’t you hate it when you have made the perfect cup of coffee, and then your assistant comes to tell you the first patient of the day is ready? Not to mention they are nervous, forgot their copay, and only want another consult instead of treatment. You really need that cup of coffee, but you’ve come back after $0 of production to a cold cup of joe. But wait, you can have that same perfect cup waiting for you with this little gadget. Check it out on Amazon and buy it right away!


You can do the same thing for a composite warmer. It’s all the rage these days. Some say if you warm the composite, it improves physical properties and provides these benefits:


  • Decreases shrinkage stress

  • Shortens curing time

  • Improves composite flow

  • Reduces micro leakage


But instead of spending hundreds of dollars, go to an arts and crafts store and buy a wax warmer for $7. I believe in the benefits of warming your composite, and I believe in saving money.


Click here for more information on Composite Warmer.

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