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When it comes to patient care today, many patients want to see the problems they have, not simply hear about them. With the advent of smartphones and social media, the world has become one that resonates with images versus simple auditory communication.


In fact, while the intraoral camera has been around since the late 1980s, to this day many still view it as the single best return on investment of any technology in dentistry. Over the years, intraoral cameras have evolved; however, the vast majority of them take still images versus true video capture.


Video has become a powerful medium for communication today, as is evident with the popularity of services like YouTube. In 2006, Google paid $1.6 billion to acquire YouTube. Today, YouTube has an estimated value of nearly $100 billion. A key driver for this is that video can convey a lot of information very quickly, which is necessary as the attention span is dropping.


Futudent understands the power of video, recently launching the proCam 4K, which can take incredibly high-quality video through a miniature camera that can be mounted to either loupes or an operatory light. This video can be captured natively on a Mac or PC via a simple USB connection, and 13-megapixel still images can be taken through the click of a foot pedal. Furthermore, this video can be live-streamed to a monitor and act as educational support for both patients and dental professionals.


In addition, the video can be uploaded to the Futudent cloud and easily shared with others or downloaded to any device.


Futudent’s price point is similar to or even less than many high-quality intraoral cameras on the market today.


by Dr. Parag Kachalia 


There are many reasons to get into video, including patient and professional education, enhanced documentation, and improved interdisciplinary communication. Even if you don’t have the desire to teach or lecture, incorporating video into your practice can be very valuable. If pictures are worth a thousand words, imagine how powerful a video clip can be when explaining the benefits of a procedure to patients.


The proCam 4K has a 13-megapixel sensor that captures 4K video and high-resolution still photos. The camera is compact and lightweight enough to fit loupes or an overhead light for convenience. It comes with custom mounts for most loupes and dental lights and is easy to install. The camera conveniently works with Windows, Mac and Android for tether-free filming.


The recording software is controlled by a foot pedal that starts and stops recording. Special filming skills are not essential, and it’s easy to add text to images for documentation. The recording software can be used on multiple stations without a license fee, which is great, and videos can be saved on multiple devices for convenience. Recorded material can be securely saved on the cloud-based server as well.


It’s easy to create a short, personalized video of a procedure to help patients understand why they need treatment and to better visualize what to expect. We also use the camera during exams to show patients the condition of their dentition. Videos can be shared with specialists should a referral be necessary.


Success comes from communicating effectively, and the proCam 4K simply takes this to another level. Pictures are great, but video is the modern way of communication. Give it a try!


by Dr. Paresh Shah


Click here for more information on proCam 4K.

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