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February 12, 2019



Are you one of those dentists who still doesn’t have an intraoral scanner? Are you waiting for the newest generation to come out, or are you worried you might buy a scanner and then miss out on a newer feature when an update is released? 


These are legitimate concerns when considering any piece of technology, dental or not. Well, fear no more. Evident Labs has come out with a novel scanner subscription model to take away the anxiety of quick obsolescence. 


By offering intraoral scanners on subscription, Evident Labs has created an avenue for dentists to incorporate a scanner into their practice without having to worry about purchasing it outright. Up until now, if you didn’t purchase your own scanner, a lab might provide you one, contingent on you giving them a minimum amount of work per month. With Evident’s subscription model, you pay a monthly fee for the hardware and they provide everything else you need to get up and running.


Evident’s subscription package includes an intraoral scanner and laptop that is plug and play for convenience. They provide full staff training so you can begin cases as soon as possible. What if a new software upgrade comes along, you ask? No problem. Evident will automatically upgrade you without charging any additional fees. In fact, they also provide all maintenance and replacements if any of the hardware malfunctions—a benefit you likely won’t receive if you purchase your own scanner.


There’s another powerful and unique offering that comes with this subscription: The secure HIPPA compliant portal, Evident Hub. This portal allows you to upload scans as well as photographs, x-rays, CBCT images and patient charts, making it convenient and secure to collaborate with specialists. Evident also calibrates all the software with your lab to ensure dataaccuracy for optimal results.


So, for those of you who fear obsolescence, fear not. You can now have an intraoral scanner with no capital expense, full maintenance, training and replacement options. Your patient data will stay secure without the need for extensive IT support to set up a backup locally at your office. 


Think Evident Scanners on Subscription might be right for you? Give them a call! 


Click here for more information on Evident Scanners.

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