Power of Persuasion

June 13, 2019



I recently attended a great course on the power of persuasion presented by Dr. Chris Phelps. The course is based on principals first published by Robert B. Cialdini, PhD.  It was an amazing course focusing on how to perfect your communication skills with patients, your team and even family.


What I got out the course? A lot! I learned:


  • The top five reasons patients really say “No” to you, and being "too expensive" isn't one of them.  

  • How to decrease patient uncertainty. We discussed better ways of talking to patients about moving forward with treatment and how to motivate action so they schedule.

  • How to turn dental needs into dental wants.

  • Patients aren't dental experts. I learned how to present treatment information so it’s easy to understand, which results in an easier decision making process.

  • How to present yourself as an authority to a patient instead of telling them you are an expert, as well as ways to present your team as leaders so there are multiple authorities in your practice recommending treatment options.


We immediately implemented these five tools when we got back to the office. Being a good clinician is important, but if we aren’t able to present dentistry needs and persuade the patient to take the next step, we’re underutilizing the skills we have spent years perfecting.  


For more information on Dr. Chis Phelps’ course, The Power of Persuasion, click here.



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